A stranger from the USA

Last week we met a really nice girl called Maya. Maya is from San Francisco, USA. We talked about America and Germany, and what the clichés about German people are. As I said at the beginning, we had a visit from Maya. Maya is a 22 –year-old girl from San Francisco, USA. She lives with her parents near the beach. Firstly, Maya showed us a presentation about the USA, but mostly about her hometown San Francisco. She said that there were different kinds of areas, like a hipster or a gay area. But these things make it more special. After the presentation we asked her some questions about Germany and the USA. For instance, what she was doing here (Germany) and back home. We also asked her what she missed most about the USA. Firstly, she said that she was shocked, because in the USA you have free Wi-Fi almost everywhere. In Germany it´s not like that. She answered the question why she was here in Germany, Tübingen. She was studying at a University in the USA and now she was here as an exchange student. Maya said that she loved Mexican food and that she also loved going to the beach with her family and friends. After we asked her what she thought about German people she said that they were really nice and friendly and she also wanted to come back to Germany. At the end of our day together, she showed us her passport, driver´s license, money and a charger because everything is different here in Germany.

We would love to see her again.

SGG 11/2